PRINTPAN, is obtained by coating MEDEPAN VE TEKNOPAN panels' surface on one or both sides with water, based paint and with wooden decors. Compatible with MEDELAM, YONGALAM and TEKNOLAM patterns, its surface is coated with water based paint, it is environment friendly, offers high quality and favorable price alternatives.

PRINTPAN MDF is produced in thicknesses of 3 - 4 - 5 - 8 - 18 mm in dimensions of 2100x2800 mm and in the thickness of 3 mm in dimensions 2100x1700 mm. PRINTPAN PARTICLEBOARD is produced in thicknesses of 6 - 8 - 16 - 18 mm in dimensions of 2100x2800 m

Areas Of Usage
Furniture rear panels, closing elements, drawer bottoms, door panels, drawer interior.

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